PFA Static Mixer

Stock Static Mixers

Koflo maintains a line of in-stock and ready-to-ship threaded PFA chemical resistant static mixers. In-stock threaded PFA chemical resistant static mixers are available from 1/2" to 1" diameter and are constructed of schedule 80 PFA. Complete with solid PFA mixing elements welded to the interior pipe wall, Koflo PFA static mixers are our most versatile, in-stock option for aggressive chemical mixing, higher temperature applications, or other applications where enhanced chemical resistance is a critical factor.


Typical Applications

  • pH control
  • Aggressive chemical mixing
  • Thermal homogeneity

Static mixers are versatile mixing devices that can be used in a wide range of industries and applications beyond those listed above. For questions regarding your specific application, feel free to Contact Us.


  • Housing: Schedule 80 PFA
  • Elements: Koflo Blade™ Style Solid PFA
  • End Connections: Machined Male NPT (Threaded Ends)
  • Solid PFA design offers superior corrosion resistance 
  • Lightweight and easy to install with male NPT threaded ends 


Koflo offers custom-designed PFA/PTFE mixers with a number of available options to suit your application. Click below for custom options and information.

Technical Specifications

Model Number Pipe Dia.
Number of
Length Weight Max. Working Pressure
Pressure (PSI) @ 70°F
Max. Working
Temperature (°F)
1/2-80-8P-6-2 1/2" 6 5" 0.15 lb 206 400
1/2-80-8P-12-2 1/2" 12 9" 0.28 lb 206 400
3/4-80-8P-6-2 3/4" 6 6" 0.21 lb 173 400
3/4-80-8P-12-2 3/4" 12 12" 0.40 lb 173 400
1-80-8P-6-2 1" 6 8" 0.40 lb 159 400
1-80-8P-12-2 1" 12 15" 0.75 lb 159 400

Technical Downloads