Single-Use Pharmaceutical Static Mixers

Stock Static Mixers

Koflo Corporation presents a range of single-use pharmaceutical static mixers, engineered to meet the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Manufactured in the USA using USP Class VI materials, single-use mixers are produced in an ISO 7 cleanroom, adhering to rigorous industry standards.

Our single-use static mixers are specifically designed to fit into pharmaceutical-grade fractional ID tubing, ensuring seamless integration into your manufacturing systems and offering maximum system compatibility.

The helical element design enhances mass transfer, product consistency, reaction efficiency, and residence time distribution, resulting in optimized mixing outcomes and improved process reliability.


Typical Uses

  • Ensure Product Consistency
  • Increase Mass Transfer
  • Improve Reaction Efficiency
  • Enhance Residence Time Distribution


  • Helical-style USP Class VI Kynar® PVDF elements
  • Notched design allows for multiple mixers to be connected in series
  • ISO 7 cleanroom molded and packaged
  • Cleanroom double polyethylene bagged and sealed
  • Material and batch/lot traceability
  • Manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified facility


Disposable Mixers

Single-use pharmaceutical mixers are intended for the most demanding pharmaceutical processes. Have a similar, non-pharmaceutical process that requires cost-effective disposable units? Check out our PPT Series line of disposable mixers.

Technical Specifications

Model Code # of Elements For Tubing ID (in) Length (in)
SU-0.125-12H-PVDF 12 0.125 1.60
SU-0.25-12H-PVDF 12 0.25 3.10
SU-0.375-12H-PVDF 12 0.375 4.60
SU-0.5-12H-PVDF 12 0.5 6.10
SU-0.75-6H-PVDF 6 0.75 4.70
SU-1-6H-PVDF 6 1 6.30